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Month: January 2020

An Argument for War

Catelyn waited until they had quieted. “My lords,” she said then, “Lord Eddard was your liege, but I shared his bed and bore his children. Do you think I love […]

Christopher Tolkien has died

Christopher Tolkien has died today, 16.1.2020., at 95 years of age. He was responsible for drawing the original maps in Lord of the Rings, and when his father died in […]

Military Organization of Mordor

Armies of Mordor Issue of free will and discipline Orcs are sometimes believed to not have free will, but this appears to be incorrect. Witch-King commands with fear, which would […]

Why I dislike Daenerys

Basically… …she has dragons. Yes, that is the main reason. There are others – her idealism and impatience screaming “I am about to get disappointed and become a tyrant”, her […]